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The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, including Abu Dhabi (the capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, UAE Golden Visa Agency, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

Becoming a citizen of the country of your choice can be difficult. There are many routes that you must follow. Still, you can get citizenship through permanent residency, naturalisation or marriage. Each option comes with its own intricacies and red tape that you need to get through. The process can be daunting and stressful.

Another option is available to those wealthy enough to afford it –”citizenship through a Golden Visa program”.

Those eligible for a UAE Golden Visa Agency can obtain a second passport and residency in another country for themselves and their family members. This program permits affluent persons to get a resident permit or even citizenship in another country by purchasing a home or making a significant investment or contribution.

Each country has its own investment requirements; some require you to invest a minimum amount, and some require that you invest in a certain type of business or sector. UAE Golden Visa Agency

You can apply for said country’s visa if you meet those requirements. UAE Golden Visa Agency, you and your family will be able to become legal residents of that country and enjoy the benefits that come with being a resident or citizen of that country.

Considering the vast amounts of money involved, hiring experts to guide you through the process would be wise. The highly-skilled advisors at Pearl Lemon Visa, a trusted UAE Golden Visa Agency, will be able to help. We have vast experience in helping people through the process of gaining a visa.

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The Golden Visa Offer

The Golden Visa is a system put in place by the UAE government to allow people outside the UAE to get long-term residence visas. This UAE Golden Visa Agency golden visa is a long-term visa that allows successful applicants to live, work, study, and invest in the country without an Emirati or UAE National sponsor.

The “UAE Golden Visa Agency” golden visa is to attract golden visa investors and fuel the economy of the UAE.

Holders of this type of visa, the UAE Golden Visa Agency, can sponsor family members, dependents, and senior employees depending on the nature of sponsorship eligibility determined by the visa category.

The Benefits Of Being A Golden Visa Holder

There are multiple exclusive benefits to obtaining and becoming a holder of the golden visa. These benefits include:

  • An entry visa for six months allows for multiple entries into the country so that the holder may apply for residence within the country.
  • A long-term residence visa that the holder can renew. This visa is valid for five or ten years.
  • The holder does not need a sponsor.
  • The holder will be allowed to stay outside the country for more than six months to keep their residence visa valid.
  • The holder can sponsor family members, including spouses and children, regardless of age.
  • The holder can sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers.
  • If the primary holder of the golden visa passes away, family members may apply for a permit to stay in the country until the end of their permit.
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Requirements Needed To Qualify For The Golden Visa In UAE

Various categories of applicants are eligible for applying for a Golden Visa. These categories include investors, entrepreneurs, chief executives, scientists, and outstanding students. The requirements for the Golden Visa differ based on each category. The UAE Golden Visa Agency is available to people meeting the following categories and their requirements.

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Requirements For Investors

For investors to become eligible for the golden visa, they must deposit up to AED 10 million in an investment fund in the country, or they must be the owner of a firm with a capital of AED 10 million or a partner in a company with a stake of up to AED 10 million.

The investment fund must be fully owned by the investor and cannot be funded through loans. Proof of this must be provided.

The investment should be kept for a minimum of three years.

Investors must furnish a comprehensive insurance policy for themselves and their families.

Requirements For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must have a successful project or business in the UAE worth AED 500,000 or more in a certified field in the country to be eligible for UAE’s golden visa. They must have approval as a certified business incubator who founded the project and provide a comprehensive health insurance document for themselves and their family.

Requirements For Specialists

To qualify as a specialist, you must: 

  • Be a professor from any one of the top 500 international universities approved by the Ministry of Education. 
  • Have obtained an award or certificate for their achievements in their current speciality.
  • Contribute to any major studies or research.
  • Have a PhD and twenty years of practical experience in their field.
  • Specialise in fields considered important to the country.
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Requirements For Chief Executives

Chief executives are eligible if they have completed a bachelor’s degree, have five or more years of experience, earn a salary of 50,000 AED or more with a valid contract in the country and have health insurance for themselves and their families.

Requirements For Artists

Artists require a letter of approval from the department of culture and arts in their respective emirate.

Requirements For Outstanding Students

Students may also apply for the UAE golden visa program if they wish you study in the UAE.

High school students with a minimum grade of 95% can get a visa for five years without a sponsor. They need to have and submit a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Education.

Outstanding university students may be granted a visa for ten years without a sponsor if they are from a university that has been rated either A or B class by the Ministry of Education. University students also need a recommendation letter from UAE-accredited universities stating that said student’s cumulative GPA is not less than 3.5 for A-class universities and 3.8 for B-class universities.

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How To Apply For A Golden Visa In The UAE

To apply for a Visa, you must choose the program that best meets your needs and qualifications.

You will then need to meet the requirements of your chosen program.

You will need to provide a range of documents, including proof of identification, proof of residence, and proof of financial stability. You may also need to provide documents related to your business or investment plans.

Once all the required documents have been gathered, you must submit your application to the relevant government agency.

After submitting your application, you will need to wait for the results. This can take several months, depending on the specific visa program you have applied for.

How To Apply For Residency In The UAE With Your Golden Visa

To apply for long-term residency, you will need to meet certain requirements, such as being employed in the country or having a family member who is a country resident. You must also be over eighteen years old and have a clean criminal record.

You will then need to provide a range of documents, including proof of identification, residence, and employment or family ties in the country. You may also need to provide documents related to your financial stability.

Once the required documents have been gathered, you will need to submit your application to the relevant agency of the country’s government.

You will then need to wait for a decision. This process can take several weeks or months.

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What It Is Like Living In The UAE With A 5-Year Residency Visa

Living in the United Arab Emirates on a 5-year residency visa can be a rewarding experience. The country is modern and cosmopolitan, with a strong economy and a high standard of living. It is home to a diverse population and offers a range of cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities.

Holding a residence visa in the UAE will give you access to a range of benefits, such as the ability to work and study in the country, access to healthcare and other public services, and the right to sponsor family members to join you in the UAE.

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Our advisors are well-versed in the golden visa application process and will give you expert advice on how to gain a golden visa with the least stress. Let us take care of everything. 

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