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Thailand Golden Visa, Citizenship By Investment

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country., and its capital city is Bangkok.

It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and rich culture. It is known for its gorgeous temples and palaces and is home to many Buddhist temples and shrines.

People may want to live in Thailand for a variety of reasons.

Some people are attracted to the country’s low cost of living, which makes it an attractive place to retire.

Others are drawn to the country’s natural beauty, beautiful beaches and lush forests. Others are entranced by its rich and unique culture, delicious food, and friendly, welcoming people. Other prospects find it a worthy country to relocate to.

If you are looking to stay in Thailand for extended periods and are a person of high net value, one way in which you could achieve that goal is by gaining a golden visa.

A golden visa is a permit that allows non-citizens to live in a country for a set time in exchange for making a significant investment in that country. They are known as such because of the affluent individual who receives one of these visas and the government that issues them.

They are ways for high-net-worth individuals to gain access to the various benefits and advantages that their country of choice offers, such as access to education and healthcare, the ability to travel freely within the country, and the option to apply for permanent residence or citizenship eventually. 

These types of visas are often targeted at wealthy individuals and are often used to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth.

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As you can see, obtaining this specific visa requires significant time and money. It is prudent to contact professionals to assist you with the visa application procedure. 

Pearl Lemon Visa’s highly qualified experts can assist you. We have extensive expertise in guiding customers through the process of obtaining an Investor Visa. 

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Thailand's Golden Visa Program

Thailand’s Golden Visa Program is also known as “Thailand’s Elite Residence Program.” Depending on the package chosen, it gives foreigners, their spouse and their dependents the opportunity to stay within Thailand for extended periods in the country.

The program aims to promote Thailand to foreigners through the issuance of a privileged entry visa, giving them the right to reside in Thailand for up to twenty years. It should be noted that the program does not provide a path to permanent residency or citizenship.

To qualify for the Thai Elite Residence Program, applicants have the option of applying for one of the following:

Elite Easy Access

This is the preferred choice of persons who travel to Thailand frequently.

This permit lasts for five years and has a price of 600,000 Baht to be paid upon approval of the application. There are zero annual fees, and it takes about three to four weeks to approve. This permit can be upgraded to the Ultimate Privilege visa for 1.5 million Baht and the Superiority Extension visa for 400,000 Baht.

Elite Privilege Access

This permit lasts for ten years and has a price of 1 million Baht to be paid upon approval of the application. An additional 800,000 Baht can be paid to include additional family members. Approval takes about three to four weeks.

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Elite Family Excursion

This option has been designed for couples (two people) and lasts for five years. It has a price of 800,000 Baht to be paid upon approval of the application. An additional 300,000 Baht per dependent can be paid to include dependents like immediate family members. Approval takes about three to four weeks.

Elite Family Alternative

This permit is priced at 800,000 Baht for the first applicant and 700,000 Baht for each dependent added. The permit is valid for ten years and is renewed after five years for another five years.

Elite Superiority Extension

This permit is designed for individual businesspersons or ex-pats and is priced at 1 million Baht. The permit is valid for twenty years and is renewed in five-year intervals. Dependents cannot be added to this permit.

Elite Ultimate Privilege

This option is recommended for retirement and business people who want to enjoy the perks and benefits of a Thailand Elite Visa for twenty years. This permit has a price of 2 million Baht to be paid upon approval of the application. It has an annual fee of 20,000 Baht and takes about three to four weeks to approve. The permit is renewed in five-year intervals.

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Elite Family Premium

This permit is valid for twenty years and is renewed in five-year intervals. It is priced at two million Baht for the first applicant and one million Baht per dependent added. Under each option, the applicant is allowed to stay in Thailand for one year at a time and must exit at least once every year. The visa will then automatically be extended for another year each time the applicant exits and re-enters Thailand until the residency permit expires.

The Benefits Of The Thailand Golden Visa Program

These are the benefits of being a member of Thailand’s Elite Residence Program.

  • Members have access to a long-term residence that allows them to reside in the country throughout the validity of their chosen permit.
  • Members have access to a multiple-entry permit with no minimum stay requirements.
  • Members have access to an attractive tax regime.
  • Members can access complimentary VIP services such as liaison and assistance via the Elite Personal Assistant service on arrival and departure. This Elite Personal Liason service also allows members to delegate certain tasks like government and bank transactions to someone else as a proxy.
  • Members also gain access to complimentary services in spas, golf courses, restaurants and limousine transfers to and from their hotel.
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