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Switzerland Golden Visa Consultancy is blessed with amazing scenery, abundant greenery, and a calm way of life. It is one of the best places to live and offers its citizens a high standard of living. Numerous international organizations call it home, and it is renowned for its politically and economically stable climate and multicultural and multilingual society.

Switzerland Golden Visa Consultancy provides a very attractive lifestyle and stable environment for United Kingdom or non-EU foreign nationals wishing to call this stunning country home. The Switzerland Citizenship By Investment Initiative provides a chance to live in Switzerland with a Swiss residence permit and then become a citizen after a predetermined time.

However, you must deal with lengthy application processes before you can do that. Switzerland Golden Visa Consultancy Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to choose the right investment for you.

Good thing you can rely on Pearl Lemon Visa. Our experts can handle the A-Z of your application process. If you need help sourcing the right investment option, we can also assist with that. 

With us, you can easily migrate to Geneva, Bern and Zurich in Switzerland in just a snap.

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Switzerland Citizenship By Investment

The Swiss Golden Visa program aims to draw high-net-worth non-EU citizens and foreign investors by offering them residency rights in exchange for monetary investment in the country’s economy. After a minimum of 10 years, formerly 12 years, of residence in the country, a person can become a Swiss citizen.

The concept is the same, although Switzerland’s citizenship by investment program is more of a residence program that results in a passport by investment. “Switzerland Golden Visa Consultancy” Living in Switzerland and eventually obtaining Swiss citizenship are only granted once you have contributed a minimum amount to the Swiss economy.

Portugal’s golden visa, Malta’s golden visa, Greece’s golden visa and Spanish golden visa are a few of the most well-known citizenship-by-investment programs.

Permanent Residency

A third-party national can apply for a C-type permanent residence visa if they want to relocate to Switzerland. Switzerland Golden Visa Consultancy They can only do so after ten years of continuous residency in the country unless they have special nationalities or other familial ties to the nation, such as a spouse or parents who are Swiss.

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Swiss Citizenship

After ten years of lawful, continuous residence in the country, subject to cantonal residency rules, naturalization petitions can be submitted. Some residents can be eligible for the quicker citizenship process, which skips the 10-year wait. Candidates must show that they have assimilated into Swiss culture, way of life, customs, and traditions be of good moral character, and not constitute a security concern. 

In addition, they are not compelled to give up their current nationality because Switzerland recognizes dual citizenship. According to its constitution, Swiss citizens are entitled to several privileges and rights, including top-notch healthcare, unrestricted travel throughout the Schengen area, the European Union and the rest of the globe, favourable tax treatment, and more. 

All of this increase the appeal for Swiss citizenship. In addition to the golden Visa program, there are other ways to become a citizen of Switzerland, including through birth, ancestry, or marriage to a national.

Citizenship By Investment

Through two different types of investment, you can become a Swiss citizen:

  • Swiss Residence Program through lump sum taxation
  • Swiss Business Investor Visa Program

There isn’t a contemporary investment strategy that permits investors to acquire EU citizenship through real estate purchases.

Swiss Residence Program through lump sum taxation

To participate in this program, one must pay a large sum of tax to their home Swiss canton of CHF 200,000 (about USD 203,000). Depending on the canton, this payment might increase to CHF 600,000 annually. You cannot work under this Swiss lump sum taxes scheme.

Swiss Business Investor Visa Program

This program is more well-known as a means of obtaining a Swiss passport. The visa holder must establish a new Swiss company to generate employment possibilities or with a minimum investment of CHF 1 million per year in an existing Swiss company.

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Why Switzerland?

Beyond Swiss cheese and chocolate, living in Switzerland is wonderful for foreigners. Swiss residency offers a good standard of living as it is home to beautiful national parks and landscapes. 

If this doesn’t persuade you enough, here are more reasons why you should consider relocating to Switzerland.

Excellent Business Environment

Switzerland is the location of many of the largest corporations in the world’s global, European, or regional headquarters, as well as their worldwide financial businesses and research and development facilities. Examples include the international holding of Kuehne + Nagel in Schwyz, the European headquarters of Philip Morris in Vaud, the European headquarters of Compaq Computers in Zurich, and the European headquarters of Amgen in Lucerne.

Switzerland is eager to draw private business owners, small and medium-sized businesses, and major multinationals. By tradition, Switzerland is a business-friendly country and provides answers to all demands and expectations. The 26 cantons of Switzerland provide businesses with a variety of opportunities. 

The unique benefits of each of these places are added on top of the benefits connected to Switzerland 26 times over. Pearl Lemon Visa helps global firms and investors identify the best site for their business in Switzerland through its independent and reputable Swiss subsidiary.

First-Rate Infrastructure

Switzerland is frequently considered extremely expensive and only accessible to wealthy people and big businesses. However, the overall cost of living and conducting business in Switzerland is considerably lower than in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and France. 

In Switzerland, modern energy, transportation, communication, and waste management systems are no more expensive than comparable costs elsewhere for snarled traffic and deteriorating environmental conditions.

Solid Financial System

The Swiss financial system, perhaps the most stable in the world, is built on banking and insurance. As a result of strict regulation governing the entire Swiss financial sector, banks and insurance businesses there are quite safe. Due to their strong reputation, safety, and global presence, Swiss banks and insurance companies are exceptional in that they offer sophisticated services to businesses and discerning investors. They also offer financial privacy.

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